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SNI Neurology & Sleep and its Medical Director, Dr. Henry Raroque, Jr., is known for expertise in diagnosing and treating difficult neurological illnesses. Its philosophy is two pronged: first, its patient-focused approach is always conscious of the difficulties and impairments experienced by patients and creates a caring environment in the facility. Second, its team approach to treatment involves working with informed and empowered patients multi-specialty coordination to improve their condition at the soonest possible time.

SNI Sleep Center

The SNI Sleep Center endeavors not only to make your stay a pleasant experience but also give your doctors quality information for your proper care and treatment.  With this in mind, we maintain comfortable facilities, convenient locations, the latest sleep diagnostic systems and highly trained technicians.

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Weekdays - 8am to 4pm


Sleep Center opens at 8:30pm for Night Studies 


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We offer consultation, treatment, neurodiagnostic and sleep testing programs.

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We accept Medicare and select policies of major commercial insurance carriers.  Please tell us about your current insurance coverage.

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Henry Raroque, Jr., MD, FAASM, FAHA, was formerly director of the Parkland Epilepsy and the Intraoperative Neurophysiology Monitoring Service at Zale-Lipshy University Hospital. He is founding director of the Dallas School of Neuroscience and Sleep Medicine and SNI Neurology & Sleep.


Our board certified physicians are regular speakers and resource persons in conferences and symposia as well as published in peer reviewed national journals.


In addition to having been interviewed by local and state television and radio media, our providers have received recognition as among the top doctors by publications like Fort Worth Texas magazine, Vitals and D Magazine.

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